The NWOA Woodland Responsibility Code

As woodland owners we agree to:

1. Follow Best Management Practices when harvesting trees.

2. Show, by deed, a practical concern for other natural resources, including water, wildlife, soil, and natural beauty.

3. We will share our knowledge of good forestry with others.

4. We will use only “certified loggers” when available.

5. When practical, and at our discretion, we will open our land to hunting and other uses by the public, either for a fee or at no cost.

6. We will manage our forest resource in a way that benefits many people, including that segment of society that makes a living harvesting and making products from trees.

In return, we expect: 

1. Fair timber taxes at the federal, state and local levels.

2. Self-policing among mill owners against buying undervalued or improperly harvested wood.

3. Loggers to be the best they can be.

4. Multiple sources of professional forestry advice and educational opportunities.

5. Respect for private property rights.

6. A fair chance to compete in a fair market.