Opportunities to protect your land and investments

New 2019-2020 liability insurance applications are available below. Click the links to download the pdf.

The decision to purchase additional peace of mind with Woodland Liability and Hunting Lease Liability insurance is a personal choice. Many Woodland Landowners believe they are already covered by their homeowners or other insurance.

Leasing land to hunters is very wide-spread and accepted amongst Woodland Landowners. Woodland Liability and Hunting Lease Liability Insurance for Hunt Clubs are designed to protect the risks that landowners and or Hunt Clubs can encounter. If you are a member of a Hunt Club or Woodland Landowner involved in leasing property, our simple hunt club liability policy can provide you with peace of mind at a very affordable price. Everyone can enjoy the hunting experience knowing that you are covered by liability protection from a solid hunt club liability insurance policy.

Woodland Liability Insurance Application for Landowners

   General liability protection for owners of woodlands who do not lease their land to a hunting club

Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Application for Hunt Clubs

   General hunting lease liability protection for hunt clubs and their members

Combined Woodland and Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Application

   Combined protection for woodland owners and hunt clubs

   * Wildfire Insurance is no longer available