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With offices in the Washington, D.C. area, the National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA) is an independent,
nationwide organization made up of non-industrial private woodland owners. Membership includes landowners in
all 50 states and across Canada and also includes affiliations with state and county woodland owner associations
throughout the United States.

What makes National Woodland Owners unique?

  • “Made in America!,” 11 million families own half of the forested landscape in the U.S.
  • NWOA is the only nationwide forestry organization founded, funded and led by family woodland owners. By design, NWOA is independent of both the forest industry and government. The primary focus is service and education to landowners to promote responsible stewardship. NWOA works closely with industry associations and public agencies to provide a landowner perspective on markets, extension education, fair taxation, forest health wildfire.
  • NWOA is also a nationwide federation of affiliated state landowner associations and councils. All of them are independent like NWOA.
  • NWOA is the only organization to ballot the Top Ten Family Forest Issues in the U.S., every year since 1986. Voting is by the 42 affiliated state landowner associations.
  • Half of the NWOA Board of Directors is elected by the State Affiliates.
  • NWOA is part of a Washington, D.C. network of forestry associations.

Benefits of NWOA Membership:

Winter 2015
  • National Woodlands magazine, our premier quarterly magazine
  • Participate in the Alliance of Landowner Associations
  • Active representation in Washington, D.C. on matters of Forest Policy, Taxation, LandUse, Biomass, Carbon, Ecosystem Services, Fair Markets, and More.
  • Forestry Referrals
  • Land Liability Insurance: $1 million coverage for $160/yr, up to 535 acres – a Best Buy
  • Sharing ideas and practices that work

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